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Obedience – Protection
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I have been asked many times about my Filas’ training. I wanted to share some thoughts and experiences I’ve had with the purpose of giving researching owners and potential buyers more to consider.

When I decided to explore obedience all those years ago (1997), I really didn’t do any research. I had watched multiple-breed A.K.C. competitions that were being held on the same show grounds where I was competing in conformation with my first Basenji.

I signed up with a local trainer at an establishment where I purchased dog supplies. The instructor was a top winning competitor herself and was kind. The results were useful to a degree that I was happy with. I continued with my next two Basenjis with the same instructor. When I decided to school one of my Dogue de Bordeauxs, the instructor seemed to think that the breed might not be able to perform to the outline standards. The outline was very much based on the A.K.C. guidelines for competing. I contacted a couple other trainers who voiced the same thought.

In 2000, I was working a second job at a restaurant here in town when I first met Inge and Mark Peters, they came in for a meal. Since no one else was there, I had the ability to speak about the Dogue de Bordeaux and the ability to train them. I was greeted with positive feedback that, indeed formal obedience could be accomplished for such a breed! Alas, I never followed through due to life circumstances.

When I bought my first Fila (2003), I again started calling around to the garden variety trainers with the same effect. I did end up going to some Schutzhund clubs that are local and watched their training classes. For what I had in mind for a ‘family’ member, this didn’t fit my lifestyle.

2007, I returned to the first instructor who ceded to ‘give it a try’. BEHOLD, the Fila can be taught! I took three of my own through the course. Something was still lacking though.

I remembered the earlier meeting and continually passed by the school’s sign and decided to call. The rest is history. I have been exposed to trainers, principles and other students who have opened my mind to the possibilities that we Fila owners have at our disposal.

I have had the opportunity to begin exposure at 12 weeks of age, up through 3 years old. I have found camaraderie and control with my Filas and through the guidance of the school.

I still own Fila Brasileiro, we who own them know what that means. Were I and they not in tune with what I expect from them and when, an unfortunate situation could arise. This breed has a heart and a mind, they are smart and very able. Even without formal competition, a trained dog is a great asset to the family.

I pose for thought, just research as many instructors and owners, as you are able. Every one has an opinion, and as a responsible owner, you need to form your own. If you would like further input, please feel free to contact me.

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