Our Kennel: Intl./Ntl. BA JU.a JA CH Aries De La Luna

The first production of our kennel de la Luna “A” litter, I am proud to own this promising little male. His spirit is so alive and he is demonstrating great intelligence.  At the bottom of the page are pictures of Aries’ lineage beginning with his parents. Some photos go back to his “GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandparent’s” generation.  With the pairing of Unifila Serras de Minas Ossanga and Jacy Guardiaes Caracu, I have confidence in his mind, health and conformation coming through.  Keep an eye for this one!

Cuddle Time 2!

BIS Breeders Group Santa Rosa 01/08-09/11

(2) BOC and (2) CYC FBA Specialty 11/10

Aries BOOS Puppy Sweepstakes 11-06-10

Aries and Aeros Brace 11-6-10

FBA Specialty TX 11/06/10

Chino 9/20 & 21/10

Aries BOB F.B.A Specialty Sacramento 06/19/10

BIS Rare Breed Puppy, Specialty Match BOB Puppy, BOB Bred By Puppy, BOB Baby IABCA, St. Helens 06/12 & 13/10

Chino 04/17 & 18/2010

BIS Puppy & BIS Bred By Puppy 04-03-10

Aries de la Luna 03/07/10

Aries de la Luna 03/04/10

Aries de la Luna 03/04/10

Aries Pedigree

Jacy (Mom)

Jacy Guardiaes do Caracau Pedigree

Nanay's Pedigree

Nanay’s Pedigree

Nanay's Picture


Poguacu do Caramona




Malandro's Pedigree

Malandro’s Pedigree

Pumgirum do Caramona

Bright do Caramona

Champanhe da Fazenda Mundeo Body

Champanhe da Fazenda Mundeo

Zabele do Caramona

Jandaia do Sao Jose da Lapa

Opala do Caramona

Ossanga (Father)

Ozzy Pedigree

Ozzy Pedigree

Farao Pedigree

Farao Pedigree

Parati Pedigree

Parati Pedigree



Parati Front

Parati Front

Parati Right Front

Parati Right Front

Nubia do Engenho

Guara das Serras de Minas & Itapua da Lapiha

Gavião Recanto das Garcas

Iracema das Serras de Minas