Our Kennel: ARBA Master CH./IABCA Ehren CH. Gold Jacy Guardiaes do Caracu CGC

Purchased from Marcus Flavio Vilasoas Moreira of Canil Guardiaes Do Caracu.  I am excited by her development. Her spirit is confident yet oh so sweet, and she demonstrated the Fila “ojezra” beginning at four months.  She has displayed her balanced mind through completing Beginning Obedience and Advanced Obedience including Agility.  She has earned her A.K.C. C.G.C.  She has earned her conformation titles.  She is an honorable protector, and a loving companion. Her PennHIP screening, we believe will advance our breeding program and continue to strengthen the Fila lines. At the bottom of the page are pictures of Juicy’s lineage beginning with her parents. Some photos go back to her “GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Grandparent’s” generation

BIS Breeders' Group 01-09-11 Juicy & Astarte

Chino 04/17 & 18/10

Ozzy & Juicy Breeders Group and BIS Rare Breed

Breeders Group & BIS Rare Breed 04/24 & 25/10

FBA Fall Circuit 72nd Team Award 11-14-09

FBA Fall Circuit 72nd Brace Award 11-14-09

FBA Fall Circuit 70th Team Award 11-14-09

FBA Fall Circuit 70th Brace Award 11-14-09

Juicy's A.K.C. C.G.C. Cert

A.K.C. C.G.C. Cert

Juicy's Advanced Obedience Cert

Advanced Obed. Cert

Agility Table Mount

Cat-walk/Uneven Footing

6' A Frame

Double 90 Degree Tunnel

ARBA Master Champion Plaque

Juicy BIS 9-5-09 ARBA Clairmont

BIS 9-5-09 ARBA Clairmont

Juicy IABCA Group II Santa Rosa 5-30-09

IABCA Group II Santa Rosa 5-30-09

Juicy Beginner Obed Certificate

Beginner Obed Cert

Juicy ARBA Championship Certificate

ARBA Champion Cert

IABCA Champion Cert

IABCA Champion Cert.

IABCA Champion Cert.

Juicy Group II ARBA 12-08

Group II ARBA 12-08

Juicy BIS Rare Breed Puppy 1/10/09

BIS Rare Breed Puppy 1/10/09

Ntl Junghund CH

Intl Junghund CH

Juicy PennHIP


Juicy Group II 09/08

Group II 09/08

Ntl Jugend CH

Intl Jugend CH

Juicy IABCA Group I 04/08

IABCA Group I 04/08

Ntl. Baby CH

Intl. Baby CH

Baby Juicy 1st Show

Baby Juicy 1st Show

Baby Juicy!

Baby Juice 2!

Baby Juice 3!

Juicy's Pedigree

Juicy's Pedigree

Nanay's Pedigree

Nanay's Pedigree

Nanay's Picture


Poguacu do Caramona




Malandro's Pedigree

Malandro's Pedigree

Pumgirum do Caramona

Bright do Caramona

Champanhe da Fazenda Mundeo Body

Champanhe da Fazenda Mundeo

Zabele do Caramona

Jandaia do Sao Jose da Lapa

Opala do Caramona