Our Kennel: Sage

This is Sage. She was the newest addition to the family at only 10 weeks old. With my constant changing lifestyle, newly in the past  year Brandon and I picked up the fun new hobby of horseback riding. We chose Sage because of the activity level that we maintain, and the hobbies we have, she was the most versitile pick, from going out with the horses on trail rides to training her for duck hunting.

Her training started to come along with ease, being one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever hed the pleasure to train. Waiting at the door to go inside turned into her meeting us at the door, already sitting, waiting to be released to come inside was her first command learned only in days.

Sadly, Sage left us after only having her a short time of a week and a half.

One night, we had gone to help a friend repair fences and feed. The brave little Sage, slipped right under a gate to go and do her job, what she thought was her job, and move the horses in to feed. Once someone noticed Sage was in the pasture, they yelled to her to come. At that split second, the horse gave a warning kick out to the side and connected with Sage above her right eye. When I turned around from fixing fences, Sage was laying on the ground, motionless. It was discovered that Sage was still breathing but had been knocked out from the impact. Keeping her still, we waited for her to come around, only to discover that the head trama had taken away any functions in her face. Her body wanted to get up, but her head wasnt connecting. We took her into our long time trusted vet where we were told that with head trama, and Sage’s lack of response, that the best solution was to put her to sleep.

Sage left us at only 11 1/2 weeks old, doing what she was bred to do. She is loved and missed. Her memory will stay with us, as well as the lesson that even animals that you know or think are safe for the dogs to be around, should never be trusted and left alone. Anything can happen in a spilt second.

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